2016 Southwest Tour Wrap Up

We had such an action-packed weekender and we want to thank everyone for coming out to the shows and supporting live music. Thanks to all the great bands (JJCnV, Shovel, SVT, Fink Bombs, Deadbolt, Vooduo, Brainspoon, Raw Power Rangers).

Was great to meet new friends and reconnect with others. Thanks to the great clubs (Rips, Till Two and Cafe Nela) for treating everyone with class. Thanks Dave Klein for helping us lay down some tracks. The Fink Bombs and Brainspoon set up awesome shows for us, love them.


Especially wanna thank J and L from Scorpion Vs Tarantula for putting us up, being awesome, and making a killer breakfast.

We can’t really thank the AirBnB that had no hot water and smelled like a dead hamster to the point of making Frankie vomit. And there actually WAS a dead skunk just outside the door. But that’s another story. . . the glamour of the road.

Overall a great trip with lots of good times. Feeling fortunate to be alive and rocking still!