The Mission Creeps on the Cover of the Tucson Weekly

The Mission Creeps Onward

The Old Pueblo’s spookiest combo celebrates a decade of musical depravity with Fright Night Creep Out.

Theirs is a nightmarish playground of zombies and monsters, of skeletons and witchcraft. Songs jump listeners like haunted-house spooks. They transform the macabre into ecstatic and mischievously spirited entertainment, on record and especially on stage. And that’s no mean feat. Go ask Alice.

See, The Mission Creeps have been on a decade-long quest to play rock ‘n’ roll with the escapist thrills of classic horror films. After ten years a band can get damn good at that kind of thing, at hooking people with metaphorical frights and tunes. So, yes, it can be said that these Creeps are campy and dark, undead and thrillingly alive.