Live Review: The Mission Creeps and Snake Island, The District, August 8

Seeing the Mission Creeps perform locally for the first time in months was exciting. Sometimes this band gets lumped in with the psychobilly crowd, but they’re so much more than that.

While some of their music sounds a bit like Gene Vincent with Norman Bates running the tape machine, the content of the music continues to get more modern and distinctive, especially with drummer Stephka Von Snatch’s increasingly straightforward beats. With the addition of Gene Ruley (Tucson’s very own Robert Quine) on second guitar, the Mission Creeps sound more muscular than ever. The best song they played was called “Johnny Cash,” and it showed that no matter how many times you rewrite Marvin Gaye’s “Hitch Hike,” you can’t lose.

One shared attribute of Snake Island! and the Mission Creeps was placing a premium on visual presentation. While this can sometimes go horribly wrong, these bands got it perfectly right, with the projections and lights enhancing their respective music, not detracting from it. And everybody knows that presentation is just that: how it looks when the goods are served.

Josh Levine –¬†Tucson Weekly
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