Yab Yum reviews Midnight Blood

Maybe it’s because my father was a mortician or maybe it’s because I’ve always been a sucker for an awesome rockabilly surf sound, but I’m all about Midnight Blood from the Mission Creeps.

Released in May, Midnight Blood has all the macabre you could possibly want crammed into ten tracks. It’s not all death and monsters, however. Sometimes they sing about Johnny Cash.

The album opens with “Igor’s Mind” which sets a dark tone and fast pace for the rest of Midnight Blood. “She’s My Witch” might be my favorite track, but I always did love a good love song, especially a sinister sounding love song. “Hand on the Rail” shows the band’s softer side but this tender glimpse is quickly overshadowed by “Keep the Dirty Side Down”, a rollicking and rocking number you have to listen to with the volume all the way up.

After more than seven years of making music together, The Mission Creeps have become a staple on the Arizona scene. Listen toMidnight Blood here. And make sure you check out the Mission Creeps live. They play often around the state and are not to be missed!

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